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Aug 1, 2013

ICC World Cup 1992: Match Results

Team 1 Team 2 Winner Margin Ground
NZ Aus New Zealand 37 runs Auckland
Eng Ind England 9 runs Perth
SL Zim Sri Lanka 3 wickets New Plymouth
Pak WI West Indies 10 wickets Melbourne
NZ SL New Zealand 6 wickets Hamilton
Aus SA South Africa 9 wickets Sydney
Pak Zim Pakistan 53 runs Hobart
Eng WI England 6 wickets Melbourne
Ind SL no result - Mackay
NZ SA New Zealand 7 wickets Auckland
WI Zim WI 75 runs Brisbane
Aus Ind Australia 1 run Brisbane
Eng Pak no result - Adelaide
SA SL Sri Lanka 3 wickets Wellington
NZ Zim New Zealand 48 runs Napier
Ind Pak India 43 runs Sydney
SA WI SA 64 runs Christchurch
Aus Eng England 8 wickets Sydney
Ind Zim India 55 runs Hamilton
Aus SL Australia 7 wickets Adelaide
NZ WI New Zealand> 5 wickets Auckland
Pak SA South Africa 20 runs Brisbane
Eng SL England 106 runs Ballarat
Ind WI West Indies 5 wickets Wellington
SA Zim South Africa 7 wickets Canberra
Aus Pak Pakistan 48 runs Perth
NZ Ind New Zealand 4 wickets Dunedin
Eng SA England 3 wickets Melbourne
SL WI West Indies 91 runs Berri
Aus Zim Australia 128 runs Hobart
NZ Eng New Zealand 7 wickets Wellington
Ind SA South Africa 6 wickets Adelaide
Pak SL Pakistan 4 wickets Perth
NZ Pak Pakistan 7 wickets Christchurch
Eng Zim Zimbabwe 9 runs Albury
Aus WI Australia 57 runs Melbourne
NZ Pak Pakistan 4 wickets Auckland
Eng SA England 19 runs Sydney
Eng Pak Pakistan 22 runs Melbourne

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