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May 17, 2011

ICC World Cup 2011: Best Strike Rates

L Tsotsobe (SA)15.01433/1410.0
S Raina (India)42.01211/1212.0
T Samaraweera (SL)92.0411/412.0
Imran Tahir (SA)539.3150144/3816.9
R Rampaul (WI)215.07955/5118.0
K Mills (NZ)320.47462/220.6
K Roach (WI)646.0195136/2721.2
Shahid Afridi (Pak)874.3270215/1621.2
R Peterson (SA)756.0238154/1222.4
L Malinga (SL)748.4270136/3822.4
D Steyn (SA)646.1192125/5023.0
CB Mpofu (Zim)427.015974/6223.1
T Dilshan (SL)931.012684/423.2
Z Khan (India)981.3394213/2023.2
A Russell (WI)327.113274/4923.2

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