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May 29, 2013

ICC World Cup 1999: Match Results

Team 1 Team 2 Winner Margin Ground
England Sri Lanka England 8 wickets Lord's
India South Africa South Africa 4 wickets Hove
Kenya Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 5 wickets Taunton
Australia Scotland Australia 6 wickets Worcester
Pakistan West Indies Pakistan 27 runs Bristol
Bangladesh New Zealand New Zealand 6 wickets Chelmsford
England Kenya England 9 wickets Canterbury
India Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 3 runs Leicester
South Africa Sri Lanka South Africa 89 runs Northampton
Australia New Zealand New Zealand 5 wickets Cardiff
Pakistan Scotland Pakistan 94 runs Chester-le-Street
Bangladesh West Indies West Indies 7 wickets Dublin
England South Africa South Africa 122 runs The Oval>
Sri Lanka Zimbabwe Sri Lanka 4 wickets Worcester
India Kenya India 94 runs Bristol
Australia Pakistan Pakistan 10 runs Leeds
Scotland Bangladesh Bangladesh 22 runs Edinburgh>
New Zealand West Indies West Indies 7 wickets Southampton
England Zimbabwe England 7 wickets Nottingham
Kenya South Africa South Africa 7 wickets Amstelveen
India Sri Lanka India 157 runs Taunton
Australia Bangladesh Australia 7 wickets Chester-le-Street
Scotland West Indies West Indies 8 wickets Leicester
New Zealand Pakistan Pakistan 62 runs Derby
England India India 63 runs Birmingham
South Africa Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 48 runs Chelmsford
Kenya Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 45 runs Southampton
Australia West Indies Australia 6 wickets Manchester
Bangladesh Pakistan Bangladesh 62 runs Northampton
Scotland New Zealand New Zealand 6 wickets Edinburgh
Australia India Australia 77 runs The Oval
Pakistan South Africa South Africa 3 wickets Nottingham
New Zealand Zimbabwe no result
India Pakistan India 47 runs Manchester
Australia Zimbabwe Australia 44 runs Lord's
New Zealand South Africa South Africa 74 runs Birmingham
Pakistan Zimbabwe Pakistan 148 runs The Oval
India New Zealand New Zealand 5 wickets Nottingham
Australia South Africa Australia 5 wickets Leeds
New Zealand Pakistan Pakistan 9 wickets Manchester
Australia South Africa tied
Australia Pakistan Australia 8 wickets Lord's

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