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Jan 16, 2014

ICC World Cup 1987: Match results

Team 1 Team 2 Winner Margin Ground
Pakistan Sri Lanka Pakistan 15 runs Hyderabad
England West Indies England 2 wickets Gujranwala
India Australia Australia 1 run Chennai
New Zealand Zimbabwe New Zealand 3 runs Hyderabad
Pakistan England Pakistan 18 runs Rawalpindi
Australia Zimbabwe Australia 96 runs Chennai
Sri Lanka West Indies West Indies 191 runs Karachi
India New Zealand India 16 runs Bangalore
Pakistan West Indies Pakistan 1 wicket Lahore
England Sri Lanka England 108 runs Peshawar
India Zimbabwe India 8 wickets Mumbai
Australia New Zealand Australia 3 runs Indore
Pakistan England Pakistan 7 wickets Karachi
Sri Lanka West Indies West Indies 25 runs Kanpur
India Australia India 56 runs Delhi
New Zealand Zimbabwe New Zealand 4 wickets Kolkata
Pakistan Sri Lanka Pakistan 113 runs Faisalabad
England West Indies England 34 runs Jaipur
India Zimbabwe India 7 wickets Ahmedabad
Australia New Zealand Australia 17 runs Chandigarh
Australia Zimbabwe Australia 70 runs Cuttack
England Sri Lanka England 8 wickets Pune
Pakistan West Indies West Indies 28 runs Karachi
India New Zealand India 9 wickets Nagpur
Pakistan Australia Australia 18 runs Lahore
India England England 35 runs Mumbai
Australia England Australia 7 runs Kolkata

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